Critical Acclaim

Satish works with equal facility and ingenuity in painting and printmaking. His imagery embraces visionary landscapes and purely abstract compositions based on the quality of light in relationship to organic forms. His virtuosity in three-dimensional genres has always gone hand in hand with his affinity for flat art, in which he continually explores the manifold effects of light as it plays upon a subject or emerges from it. His pieces, all painted on arched panels of plywood, have surfaces prepared with textured modeling paste and then stained with oil glazes. The result is less a depiction of recognizable scenery than the visual interpretation of the landscape’s spirit. … Satish Joshi has never painted himself into a corner, but rather has carved a unique place for himself in the contemporary art world.
– Barrymore Laurence Scherer, Contributing Editor, Art & Auction Magazine

Satish is a highly subjective artist and these paintings are not meant for simple casual examination…Satish’s work may be characterized by a vital pulsating background at play against a predominant simplified shape…it is what the artist does with this background and how it plays off the predominant shape that gives each work its unique direction and transformation.
- Richard Madigan, former Director, Norton Museum of Art

The most recent sculptures are especially reminiscent of Satish’s paintings of several years ago. The facets and cleavages produced by welding and burning – some of these structural and some purely decorative – are akin to the crevasses and cracks in the artist’s rocklike paintings. Once again, the artist has made original and unself-conscious use of a rich mixture of ideas and techniques and influences. One senses that we have only begun to see the fruits of Satish’s new fascination with sculpture.
- Cynthia Nadelman, Contributing Editor, ARTnews